Minsk Sightseeing Tour
(conducted in Russian)
This year Minsk turns 950 years - isn't it a reason to visit our capital? Despite all the destructions during its long history Minsk now is a modern city having its extraordinary atmosphere. It's definitely a must-see in Belarus!

The tour price includes:
    • Comfortable coach travel
    • All entrance tickets
    • Viapol souvenirs
During the excursion you will learn about the past and the present of the city. The Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Belarus - that is the way that Minsk has passed during its life. You will see the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: Cathedral Orthodox and Catholic Churches of the 17-18th centuries; St. Peter and St. Paul's Church of the beginning of 17th century and the "Red" Church; the oldest street Nemiga which started its way from the Minsk castle, and the picturesque Upper Town. The historic centre of Minsk - the Upper Town - attracts the visitors by its unique atmosphere of the past which is felt in its old buildings and on its narrow streets where museums, cafes and restaurants, boutiques and sculptures are located. Magnificent architectural ensembles of the main squares and avenues of the city, monumental constructivist public buildings, parks and public gardens will burst upon your eyes. The tragedy of the citizens in the years of the World War II; modern Minsk of the 20-21st centuries - these points will also be in the picture of the excursion. Walking down the Trinity Suburb you will see different museums, cafes, taverns and gift shops…
Price per person:

Price per person

25 BYN
15 BYN

Duration: 50 km, 3 h 30 min