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Khatyn World War II Memorial
(conducted in Russian)
The world-famous memorial, the symbol of the suffering of the Belarusian people during the Second World War touches everyone's feelings…

The tour price includes:
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Excursion to the KHATYN Memorial complex is dedicated to the events of the World War II, three years of invasion of Belarus. The day of the vernal equinox, March 22, 1943, became the day of tragedy symbolizing the sufferings of the civilian population during the war. The village of Khatyn was burned together with its 149 inhabitants. Later the stately architectural complex was built there, representing the village planning, its streets, houses, wells. At the sites of the burned-down houses there are 26 stylized log-houses with the obelisks in the shape of chimneys and the bells ringing plaintively on the top. There you will see the unique cemetery of villages, the Wall of Memory with the names of concentration camps and the number of victims. Strong emotional impact is achieved by harmonious unity with nature, impressive sounds and architecture. In the end of the excursion you will visit the MOUND OF GLORY - the monument to the liberators of Minsk - and will rise to its top.
Price per person:

Price per person

10 EUR
30 BYN
20 BYN

Duration: 130 km, 4 h 30 min